I love mangoes and most things containing mangoes.  Loooove.  But I’ve really never purchased them to bring home and deal with.  They’re really messy and take forever to ripen.  But, having to buckle down and purchase fresh items to prepare, I had to find out how to choose good ones.

Excerpted and paraphrased from an article on E-How, here are some tips:

  • Mangoes should be bright red, yellow or orange (I see mostly red ones here).  They can be partly green; their softness and sweet fragrance are the best indicators of ripeness.  But don’t buy ones that are entirely green, because they will probably not fully ripen.  You can use green mangoes in certain savory dishes, like a vegetable, if you feel so inclined.
  • Avoid squishy spots, dark spots, and bruises.
  • Expect that they will take about six years to ripen.  Okay, not six years, but a good week.  Putting them in a paper bag will help them along, but it will still take a while.
  • The best mangoes are found in the summer.

And please, be careful when cutting mangoes.  When peeled, they can be a bit slippery and unwieldy.  If you’re going to work with a peeled mango, cut off the ends so you can stand it level on a cutting board.